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Ilana + adoring Abbi
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We work 36 hours on, 18 off which is 90 hours a week, for that we are paid $23,739 before taxes. And we also have to make the coffee? My heart is breaking.

ER — September 19, 1994


"Before we start this q&a, please don’t ask me what’s the hottest club in New York. The answer is “Fuck off”"
— Bill Hader (via hadersgonnahade)

Auggie & ‘uncles’ Will Friedle & @RiderStrong supported @daniellefishel at her book signing Mon night at @TheGroveLA (x)
Auggie & ‘uncles’ Will Friedle & @RiderStrong supported @daniellefishel at her book signing Mon night at @TheGroveLA (x)


the concept of liking someone and them liking you back and you deciding to date each other literally just fucking baffles me because it has never once happened for me in my entire life

how are you all doing this

how are you people making it look so easy

how are you finding people who like you back and want to date you and then actually do it

Oh, I can’t stop drinking the coffee. I stop drinking the coffee, I stop doing the standing and walking and the words-putting-into-sentence-doing.”

And then there was the final episode.


"I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days, before you’ve actually left them."


my goal is to watch so many more movies so i understand every reference ever